2017 intent.

2017 intent.


Everyone wants to be better for the New Year. (new year, new you)- –

I think wanting to better yourself is absolutely the greatest thing you can compile, it’s just actually going ahead with those thoughts and turning them into actions that will make your time/new year worth it.

I’ve always been the one to set goals for myself, but I am also always the one who tends to get a wee bit lazy when it comes to completing them. I’m calling quits on that. I am ready to create intent, aim for a higher being & better myself every single day in 2017.

Only you can make your year special, your days complete & feel worth while.

The aim I am setting for myself isn’t broad. it’s detailed. down to the nitty gritty.

For example: If I want to work out more, I will create a daily calendar with continuous work outs, meal plans, calorie counts, weigh ins, etc. The details will help create a better defined goal and actually make it seem more accomplishable by being able to check off each detail throughout the day. Make sense?

A few of mine are below-

  • Build up my energy by waking up a decent time, with a healthy breakfast & being hydrated
  • Being bold with my creativity through my make up, by wearing colors & shades i haven’t dared to in the past. (currently wearing blue eyeliner, woo!)
  • Post on OMGPale at LEAST 3 times a week & doing so by creating a highlighted calendar of topics, shooting more than one outfit a day, going out to explore & including myself in more social situations.
  • Being more comfortable saying no to others & not feeling guilty about it. My time is my time.
  • Finding my inner peace by meditating, teaching myself more about stone healing & researching poses for the body that will help connect me to myself.

This is a small peek into what I have compiled for myself to contribute to my life during each day in 2017. They may seem small, but the list above I feel will better me as a person and make me feel happy doing it.


What are some detailed goals you are looking to set for yourself?

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