everyone is decluttering.

everyone is decluttering.

    Like myself, I am sure a lot of you have a 2017 goal to de-clutter.

Why does the ‘minimalist’ life style seem so appealing? Why do people pretend to be minimal when they are drowning in clutter? Why as humans, do we let ourselves gather so many items, but need only few?

I’ve never considered myself to be minimal.

I’ve never pretended to live a minimal lifestyle.

Why should I be pretending I am a minimalist through social media, to my friends, only to go to bed knowing it’s not true & looking around seeing clutter.

Well, I’ve deemed an idea & have started trying to become clutter free. Not to obtain the minimal trend that is happening right now.

As I have moved into a new home, it’s been so much easier for me to detach myself from anything object wise & donate. (I have bags full of garbage, bags to go to the DI, etc. sitting by my door right now ready to go out as I type this.)

Below are a few ideas that can possibly help you if you are struggling with ‘beginning of the year clutter’ that I have learned from numerous sources which have REALLY helped in this process.

Bookcase in my bedroom- mixed medias of what I like & what Greg likes. Still showing the majority of the actual bookcase itself but serving its purpose by holding decor & items used frequently. 

My dresser: usually covered in random things from my pockets, bobby pins, lipsticks, etc. Now clearly cleaned off with a few objects that are eye pleasing & have purpose. 

Attachment: Speak to the object (sounds insane), but after recently learning about tidying up, let the object know you don’t need it any longer & place it down in the donate and/or garbage bin… continue with others.

Throw Away: Go through a throwing away phase (your space will be insanely messy). Go through drawers, cabinets, closet, book shelves, etc & throw out the garbage or unwanted items. DO NOT start putting things in new places, this will only move the clutter to another home for the next few months until you decide to start again.

Remind: Why did you buy this item in the first place? Remind yourself why. Did you use it for that purpose? Have you even used it? How many times? Set a goal for yourself & vow to not keep anything you haven’t used in a certain amount of time and/or a certain amount of uses.

Have fun: De-cluttering can seem overwhelming, but remember to see the positive in it. You are making space for new light (not new objects). Clean space. A place to be calm, serine & unwind. Space to move around in, space where you don’t have to create paths to walk & no longer have to step over objects to get to your destination.



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