Vintage Whites has become one of my favorite vintage affairs ever!

Imagine walking in & being thrown into this whirlwind of everything vintage.

Literally anything you can think of, someone has it for sale at their booth.

Or, anything you’d never be able to think of- someone has it for sale at their booth!

I went alone- carried a reusable urban outfitters bag & my backpack with a wallet full of spending cash. I first did a loop around the first barn, just trying to take in how much beautiful there was.

I bought my first item from a woman who had the cutest knick knacks, it was a copper sail boat- making for perfect desk decor at work. I stopped by another shop & purchased a copper pear catchall dish & a cactus mug.

Shoutout to my leopard flats for keeping me speedy, beating all the chaos in the booths & snagging some great items!

I then found a shelf, 2 bolo ties, an amazing rose glass set, coffee press, gold designer bag, some sunnies & an aries coffee cup! I went around to the two other barns which were filled with part vintage sellers & part local sellers that are at the usual pop up events like Craft Lake City, etc.

 Overwhelmed with all of the amazing chaos, I took a break & snapped some pictures of my favorite vintage shop- Copperhive Vintage. (see this post for reference on their social media accounts, etsy shop & location)

Their booth was magical, everything was set up so neatly & with thought you really felt like you were walking into someones passion.

Honestly, that is what I love about these friends of mine. Their passion for vintage & for their shop is unreal. It makes me feel so good supporting a small business because small businesses are full of passion.

AND passion creates happy people. 

To the coats, glitter girls (which are crafted by shop owner Logan himself) & the horse chandelier- – I could have stayed there all day.




i’ll be bouncin’ in & out of their shop showcasing amazing finds until the flea markets this spring, stay tuned!

– – xo, samantha

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