music moved.

music moved.

Hi everyone!

Daily, I think it’s so important to listen to a song or album by an artist(s) that you love. Whenever I am having a stressful day, I put on my headphones. When I need to focus, I plug in my headphones. When I want to dance, guess what I do? Yeah. You get it.

The variety of music I listen to changes hourly! You can find anything from Portugal. The Man to Kendrick on my playlist. There’s a little Lorde some days, Purity Ring on the others. Sylvan Esso, The Weeknd, are all artists I listen to on a daily basis.

Below are some songs and/or albums that have gotten me through patches, have put a smile on my face, have been with me relating to my frustrations, there when I want to shake ma hips & everything else.

Portugal. The Man – This band is and always will be so special to me. 2006, my now brother in law came over to my house to give me a birthday gift & he walks in… hands me this cd, wishes me a happy birthday & leaves. I remember immediately going into my room & putting it into my small cd player, where I sat for the entire album – seriously completely engulfed in it. I had never heard anything like it before. This has been my absolute favorite band since 2006.  11.Years! Swoon.

I’ve posted their entire Soundcloud account because there isn’t a single song I wouldn’t recommend.
Portugal. The Man Soundcloud

Purity Ring- Weird swap, right? This electronic duo hits all the feels with all of their songs on Another Eternity. There’s a complete mixture of beats to get you moving, but also to get you thinking. The way the lyrics are written aren’t obvious as to what is being spoken about- which I absolutely adore.
Below is a link to one of my favorite songs off the album.
+ Purity Ring- Sea Castle

Kanye West (haters, cya)- I know Yeezy gets a ton of backlash, but the backlash is for something I love about him. He just keeps it real, as a person and as an artist.
‘Name one genius that ain’t crazy..’
His last album The Life of Pablo is one of my favorites.
Old ‘ye is great, but listen to this album NOT on shuffle & prepare to be moved.
Below is a link to one of my favorite songs of the album.
+ Kanye West feat. The Weeknd- FML

Thanks for reading – what are some of your favorite go to’s?

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xox, samantha | omgpale

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