vegan beginnings.

vegan beginnings.

“compassion is the wish to see others from suffering” – dalai lama

Hi there! As a Vegan, I tend to get a lot questions but mostly why I chose this lifestyle. I am up for being extremely open on why I have become a Vegan, but as I become open I expect respect for my vulnerability.

The last 6 months being Vegan have been the best 6 months of my life.

Why am I Vegan?

+ Vegan makes me feel good:

A Vegan lifestyle has not only improved my health as a human but has also improved my heart to be full of compassion. Becoming Vegan I knew it had to come from my heart & not just my head. I had always toyed around with the idea of being a Vegan & finally got annoyed of myself for not being willing to commit & said ‘ just fucking do it..what are you scared of?’ Change. I was scared of change. I was not raised Vegan, I had never gone a day in my life without consuming any animal products. I was scared of being judged & constantly having to fight a battle every day standing up for my choice to live a healthier, cleaner life. I’m not sure why but people have such a harsh time with the word Vegan, when it’s actually the better lifestyle choice. Being Vegan isn’t normal (i wish i was).

+ I care about animals:

Many of you, I am sure, have seen videos on purpose or on accident of animal cruelty. Most of us are so keen in turning our heads & continuing to ignore issues that are happening around us due to the fact that we are so used to this cruelty being normal. Animals feel pain. Animals feel compassion. Animals love. Animals know. There is no such thing as ‘humane slaughter’ in my life.

Did you know dairy cows are forcibly impregnated to product milk for about 5 years? Their offspring are then taken away from them basically after birth & are used (if male) for veal, if female impregnated. After that, they are killed. Did you know that over 200 million male chicks are killed annually, shortly after they are born because they are considered ‘useless’ by not being able to lay eggs? They are usually killed by suffocation and/or being ground up while alive.

You can roll your eyes, but please rather than- open them & do research. People I am around on a day to day basis have watched documentaries, expressed to me how disgusting & heartbreaking it is & an hour later I see them dishing up some meat and/or cheese. Why take the time to watch & be heartbroken about something if there aren’t learning opportunities & way to better yourself and/or animals/things around you.

+ Health:

Health. Wellness. Nutrition. Things that Vegans are capable of having with their lifestyle choices. The health benefits of being Vegan are endless. This lifestyle can help prevent disease; diabetes, cancers, arthritis, lowering your blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health lowering risk for heart attacks- the list is really endless. I have more energy, clearer skin, NO migraines, sleep soundly without any tossing & turning, a more creative mind. I never have to feel guilty about what I am cooking, eating & ‘indulging’ in. I trust myself when I am able to know what ingredients I am putting inside of my body. I can get comfortably full & feel good about it.

+ Vegan is delicious:

A lot of people ask me ‘so do you just eat vegetables?’ No. Vegan foods = favorite foods. I have always loved vegetables, hearty grains, nuts & fruits. Which are all staples in a Vegan diet. Locally, there are a lot of places when going out to eat that have great Vegan options. I am able to eat everything i ‘used to eat’ even now being Vegan. Vegan cheese is delicious, coconut milk is now a staple instead of creamer, almond milk ice cream, etc. There are so many options that are in Vegan form that I constantly feel like I am never missing out. Also feeling that the Vegan alternative tasted better than what I was originally telling myself was good.

These are just a handful of reasons as to why I am Vegan & will share more as I grow this portion of my blog. Thank you for reading. Thank you for letting not judging me. Thank you for supporting my decision.



2 thoughts on “vegan beginnings.”

  • I support you Samantha!! I went vegan for 2 weeks and have never felt better. thanks for the encouragement to go all in!! And for the recipes…

  • Our family was a vegan forever even when we didn’t know such a term existed. We just never felt the need to have food by tormenting some other living being. It was tough for us as all around us in school and job, we had people who couldn’t just believe that I hadn’t ever touched milk, milk products or meat! But it was most natural for me.

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