sunday favorites + 1

sunday favorites + 1

Hi everyone! 
I am starting this month off with Sunday favorites.
I will be sharing these every Sunday & they will range from product to food to music & movies.
I am super excited about it! I hope that these posts will inspire you to share you favorites with me too. 

I usually only shop at thrift stores, occasionally splurging at Urban Outfitters or another store in the mall (it’s quite rare!). This weekend I found a few cute staples to add to my fall wardrobe & skin routine.

Heartbreaker + I am all about cozy socks when it gets cold outside. These cozy socks I picked up are so incredibly soft & not to mention witty. They are only 2 for $20! I snagged a pair & grabbed a pack of black tights for the sale. 

Soothing + Mario Badescu, need I say more? The most simple line of skin care products that you can add to your routine without disrupting your skins balance. This soothing mist smells SO good & adds the needed hydration the skin during the cold months needs. PLUS only $7? Ok. Sold.

Tassel + I snagged these earrings on clearance ($9.99 usually $20). They are now a staple to my wardrobe & literally add a pop of color/fun to anything I put on. They are super, super light – which is a must when i rock an earring.

What are some of your Sunday Favorites this week?

Find these items here:

Socks + Click Here
Facial Spray + Click Here
Earrings + Click Here

Thanks for reading! 


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