favorites + 2

favorites + 2

nothing like not meeting goals due to being sick. something about not feeling well really stops my creativity & places a wall.

but, favorites posted today is better late than never, am i right?

my current obsessions are the few beauty products you see below! 

these all are pretty affordable, too. (because by now you should all know i love a good deal!)


Beauty Water + this toner is incredible! it has left my skin feeling so cleansed but also really soft & hydrated. i use this after i have washed my face at night with a soft cotton pad. a little product goes a long way, making the $30 price tag not seem so bad when you realize you’re going to have the same bottle for a while. occasionally, i will do a quick sweep of this in the morning if i feel like i need an extra boost of moisture on my skin. 

Illuminating + THIS has been seriously one of the best buys ever. at $4.99, you can’t go wrong with this. there is such a broad color range, you can use one or two or do a quick brush over the entire palette for an amazing glow. this has been my go to every time i am wanting a natural looking highlight. 

Glitter + I got this glitter eyeshadow for $1, and due to the low price tag i wasn’t expecting much. boy, did it deliver! i put this on with NO eyeshadow primer & it lasted all night long. it even took almost 3 washes to get it completely off & i was finding glitter on my face randomly for a few days after. (ha) best $1 buy & definitely compares to the name brand stuff i’ve tried in the past. 

Brush + I received this brush a while back when i was subscribed to Ipsy. since then, i have used this brush daily for my quick highlight or a small contour with my elf contour palette. the brush is so soft on my skin & it makes my make up go on super smooth, not to mention, blends like crazy. 

Have you tried any of my recent favorites? 

Find these items here :

Toner : click here 
Highlighter: click here
Glitter eyeshadow: click here
Brush: click here

thanks for reading xoxo-

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