dreamin’ & to do +

dreamin’ & to do +

 Hey there friends! For the last… for as long as i can remember, i find myself wondering what bigger thing is out there for me to succeed at. 

What am I passionate about? Styling. Fashion. Clothing. Vintage Wear. Outfits.

Working a full time job, i tend to come home & relax uninspired & have realized that i am just wasting time. I’m DONE doing that.

I have brainstormed & have put together something I’d love to do. 

+ I am going to be searching around to family & friends (online & near) for a quick free styling (2-4 outfits) & just ask that the repost a photo wearing the wardrobe picked. Those who are near me will not have to worry about creating their own photoshoots, as I’d love to host them for & edit their photos. 
+ Building a Portfolio that will be available on www.omgpale.com soon (stay tuned)
Creating a personal survey to learn about future clients needs/wants

I haven’t felt this excited about something creative in an extremely long time & I think it will put a great pep in my step & adding another creative outlet is something I need. 

 Question : Have you ever considered having someone style you? If so, would you trust someone to give you a short survey & pick out some clothing for you to strut? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on affordable styling services.

Thanks for reading – – xoxo


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