cozy + comfort

cozy + comfort

I’ve been obsessing over this outfit even after taking it off after wearing it on Monday.

The pops of color all tied together with the black… is it bad to repeat outfits down to a T?

I haven’t really spoiled myself with new clothing in a really long time (besides local thrifting) so, I splurged on a $20 yellow cardigan as I am continuing to step out of my comfort zone with certain colors. I like to think that my wardrobe is PRETTY colorful, but I have always had some sort of weirdness towards yellow. So, challenging myself with this piece was worth the $20 fork out. ($20 is a lot to a gal who usually gets 5 outfits at the thrift store for the same amount).

I also purchased a darling floral button up for $8, I think it is going to become a staple piece for a few outfits.

Both pieces were purchased at Forever21. The trousers were from a clearance sale & the shoes/socks I have had. <3

Thanks for looking.
xoxo- samantha

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