my 2 favorite vegan cookbooks

my 2 favorite vegan cookbooks

hi there! i hope you had such a great holiday!
now that the crazy, holiday season is over- i am so happy to get back to my nightly cooking as well as experimenting with new vegan recipes that i find throughout some of my favorite cookbooks. Also, do you know what is great about these cook books? They were all gifted to me, by non-vegans, which makes them so much more special as i take that as some support for my lifestyle.

The first favorite is Thug Kitchen.
This cookbook is INCREDIBLE. It’s super easy to follow, hilarious & witty instructions (swearing included.. haha) & makes it just a fun experience while creating such delicious dishes.
Thug Kitchen has a wide variety of recipes from salads & entrees to easy, sweet desserts – it really is just all packed into one! Such a great affordable cookbook.

You can simply purchase this from amazon here!

Secondly, i LOVE the cookbook Forks Over Knives.
This book is PACKED with incredible recipes i wouldn’t even think of creating! It ranges from simplistic easy sauces, to entrees with more than two handfuls of ingredients for the nights you are feeling a little more daring. This book has taught me how to make some of my favorite pasta & quinoa dishes.

This is also available on amazon riiiight here!

Have you ever experimented cooking vegan? Or even a simple non vegan cookbook you absolutely live by? Share with me!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo – samantha
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