a new year begins.

a new year begins.

First day of 2018 & I am writing this post from bed, with coffee in hand.
The day doesn’t feel much different, although I notice myself feeling a lot better than I have the last few weeks. I think the New Year is such a great time to reset & reevaluate your goals, but also continuing to grow from who and what you were doing in the year before.

At the end of 2017, I started to put a lot more effort into my blog, social media & engagement & I plan to continue those efforts as the New Year continues.

I have started curating different outfits with vintage & non vintage pieces to shoot multiple times weekly & can’t wait to see the final outcomes of all of those.

I have started a media kit & will continue to reach out to brands I adore & gain more relationships with them. I will continue to gather contacts for representatives so that, possibly I can attend NYFW (FOREVER GOAL!) this year with some friends.

Most recent- I have been loving more muted tones lately, which is unlike me- but i am going with it. (you know, another goal, listening to your inner intent & going with the flow)

The dress can literally be layered with ANYTHING which I find a necessity when spending money – finding a versatile piece that you can wear many ways.
Included also is my cozy coat, favorite boots & my new backpack I received as a gift for Christmas.

What are some of your goals you are carrying from 2017 to 2018?
Thanks for reading!

omg + pale

5 thoughts on “a new year begins.”

  • Love this outfit! You HAVE to do NYFW, it was a blast in Sept. My girls and I are going again in Feb. just do it girl!!

  • I started putting a stronger focus in my blog toward the end of 2017 as well, best of luck with your journey! It already sounds like you’ve got a huge year ahead of you! This year, I just want to wholeheartedly work on my happiness. Last year ripped me apart, so this year will be dedicated to putting myself back together.

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