fav non-dairy creamers.

fav non-dairy creamers.

If you know me, you know I am in love with coffee.
And I am also in love with a yummy creamer.
I thought I’d share my favorite non-dairy creamers that I have found throughout the year.

1) Silk Almond Creamer :
My go-to now a days. It’s only around $3 at my local grocer for a decent size bottle & it gives my coffee a little sweetness without overtaking the entire cup. Find it here.

2) Califia Farms :
This flavor is half coconut cream & half almond milk. Allowing it to give you that nice golden brown cup of joe ya like in the mornings, with a small dose of sweet. The almond milk really keeps the sweet coconut cream at bay. Find it here.

3) nutpods :
This combo pack is so yum! How fun is it to try a different flavor each cup? Try it here.

Also, another great thing about non-dairy creamers is that they are shelf stable! And they really can play a role in any diet or lifestyle you are indulging in. (vegetarian, keto, vegan, etc).

What is your go to in your coffee? If you don’t drink coffee, what’s your favorite cup of comfort?

Thanks for reading!

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